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Important note about the Covid-19

Dear travelers,

In these hard times of coronavirus spread we wish all of you and your families
be healthy. If at the moment it seems to be somewhat peak of the situation, we
believe things will come down soon. So hopefully people won’t stop traveling!
Please, remember some important things about our cancelation policy:

  • You can cancel your tour 48 hours before the trip with no penalty
  • You can postpone your trip for any foreseen date with no penalty
  • You can buy voucher for your trip and activate it later whenever you wish to

We understand that currently measures are taken daily by governments to stop
the virus spread. As for now Russia closed borders till 1st of May 2020.
Please, contact us with any questions you may have,

Irkutsk Urban Adventures team

Top-Rated Tours of Irkutsk

Fantastic tour and friendly guides!

"We had a great time on our tour of Irkutsk with Tanya and Yana! They were immediately warm and friendly and made us feel at ease - probably the best guides we’ve had throughout our 6 months travelling. The tour was informative and covered lots of key sights. The food and drinks were also delicious and we’ll be heading back to try them again. Tanya and Yana also provided some useful tips about things to do in the city/ where to eat/ where to buy souvenirs etc and followed this up with an email after. Overall would highly recommend, we had a lot of fun!"

– bethrealistic via TripAdvisor
Wonderful insight into Irkutsk city and Siberian culture

"Arina showed us around the city centre of Irkutsk, including traditional Siberian wooden homes, as well as 19th century buildings on Karl Marx Street. Arina answered all our questions and also gave us some insight into what life is like in Siberia, from weather, to culture, to the housing market! We were able to try dumplings, local "Baikal" soda, and different flavours of moonshine, before finishing our tour near the beautiful Angara river at sunset. We would definitely recommend Arina and Urban Adventures Irkutsk!"

– CharlotteMM123 via TripAdvisor
A heartwarming experience deep in a cold Siberia

"I've been visiting Irkutsk as it was the nearest city to the legendary Baikal lake. Our guide Katya was very enthusiastic, knowledgable and friendly with excellent English. We've explored the city and I was pleasantly surprised how original it was with great history behind. We also had a nice stop in a local bar trying some local snacks and "polugar" shot (bread wine). If you are passing Irkutsk on the way to Baikal - take this tour, it's 100% worth visitng!"

– AlexandraS3415 via TripAdvisor

About us

Siberia can be a cold place, but it is filled with people who are always warm and friendly — locals who love their region and who are pleased to welcome you as guests.

Our local team in Irkutsk can’t wait to meet you and promise to make you feel welcome and special during your time in our city!

Join us for an Urban Adventures tour of Irkutsk and discover the local landmarks, cuisine, culture, and more. Not only do you get to explore the area, but you make new friends too.