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Who are we?
We are the local guides of Irkutsk Urban Adventures team with different backgrounds, different personalities and different first-hand experiences to share. However, there is one thing, which makes us alike and united – our great passion and sincere love to Irkutsk and Baikal.
We are here for you to share these passion and love, to show you around Irkutsk and take you to the deepest lake in the world, watching, smiling, laughing, enjoying.
We are who have a lot of stories and legends to tell.
We are open-minded, friendly, easy-going and unique.

What is our mission?
To deliver you the BEST.DAY.EVER in Siberia and make you remember us and our home.

How can you reward us for our work being local guides?
Just give us your smile. And one more. We like the way you smile.

Meet our guides:

Yana UA guide since 2019
Tanya UA guide since 2019
Marina UA guide since 2019
Arina UA guide since 2019