Epiphany day in Russia. How to get rid of your sins.

Epiphany is a Christian holiday established in honor of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. Guess what people are going to do if they follow these rules: No alcohol before doing it. Start to take…

Meet the guides: interview with Arina

  One of the top five things guides enjoy is answering tourists’ questions. Stay curious and make your Urban Adventures guide happy. Today Arina, Irkutsk Team guide, is giving an interview on Irkutsk and Baikal. I’ve been a guide for 3 years.

Baikal Ice Marathon

At the end of February – beginning of March it’s getting really hot on the shores of Lake Baikal. The temperature is still below zero. Why is it so “hot”? Why do people from all over the world keep coming to this spot of Siberia at this time?

Trekking Great Baikal Trail

Baikal trekking trail What is the Great Baikal Trail? The main mission of the organization is the development of ecotourism and the cultivation of a socially responsible society through the organization of volunteer and educational projects. The main…

Top 5 local food restaurants in Irkutsk

The most interesting restaurants with Transbaikalian food – now in one rating. Attention! Not recommended to read it if hungry, losing weight people and vegetarians. The best food in Irkutsk is either Buryat or Siberian cuisine. The…